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*About our company*

In the past 12 months the diamond blade industry [over $1 billion a year] has undergone very significant changes. Diamond blades are rapidly becoming consumer items and are readily available and consumed by contractors, landscapers, utility workers and other customers of lumberyards, hardware and rental businesses.

The driving force behind significant cost reduction in manufacturing of diamond tools is vast improvement in quality of synthetic diamond powders as well as developing new manufacturing processes.

RUSWEST, Inc. began its business activity in Hunterdon County, New Jersey in September of 1997. Approaching diamond tool markets of the Tri-state area we found that most retailers and their customers do not have a clear idea of how to distinguish different brands and justify increase in cost between different levels of quality. Many retailers are historically oriented to utilize high quality and extremely expensive brands of some US and European manufacturers. As a result, customers pay high premiums for their tools. Recently, the US market was flooded with inexpensive brands. While cheaper, they could leave customers with the unhappy results:

  • blades don’t last
  • blades perform only in the first hours of their use
  • blades don’t perform at all
  • and so on.

Currently the customer has little choice:

  • to buy a well-known brand which lasts very long, but very expensive
  • to buy a discounted brand, which lasts very short time.

Our efforts to materialize the answer to the above dilemma aim to explain what we call “cost per in inch x foot” of cutting and “lifetime” of the blade.

For example:

Two 14’’ wet cutting concrete blades are sold at the price of $500.00 (blade A) and $150.00 (blade B). How to choose the most cost effective blade?

Blade A:

  • Cuts 1-inch deep and last 4000 feet.
  • Lifetime of the blade is 4000 inch x foot.
  • If the blade cost: $500.00 than your cost per cut is 500/4000=12.5 c per inch x foot of cutting.

Having to know this information the customer can determine whether the other blade is more cost effective.

Blade B:

  • Cuts 1-inch deep and last 750 feet.
  • Lifetime of the blade is 750 inch x foot.
  • If the blade cost: $150.00 than your cost per cut is 150/750=20 c per inch x foot of cutting.

That means that the first blade is more cost-effective. You save 30% if the first blade is chosen.

To maintain competitive characteristics of our diamond tool products another company, Splitstone, ltd. was founded in June 1997 in Moscow, Russia. The Company specializes in research and control of quality aspects determining the “lifetime” and “cost per cut” of diamond tools sold by Ruswest, Inc. in US market. In a historically short period we certified most of our blades on different construction materials: marble, concrete (4200 PSI), granite.

Ruswest, Inc. does not agree with most manufacturers and distributors of diamond tools that the main characteristic of the product, its lifetime, can not be measured and, therefore, unknown to the customer.

Lifetime of our diamond tools is not guaranteed. It is an average result, which can be achieved by a qualified contractor utilizing the blades with the right equipment. The information on how to measure “lifetime” and “cost per cut” under any particular conditions can be obtained by mail or phone.